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“The most ironic thing about your wedding day is that the person you spend more time with than anybody else is actually the person you know the least…. and that’s your photographer. Getting to know your photographer and feeling comfortable together is vital.”

Julian Walker
Twice Wedding Photographer
of the Year.

Former President
of the AIPP

(Australian Institute of Professional Photographers)

Hi there, I’m Julian. Otherwise known as Max.

There was once a popular Australian cricketer by the name of Max Walker and as my last name is Walker, ‘MAX’ kinda stuck from a young age. Now I have a business called StudioMax and an English Staffy called Max. Oh and not to mention the Pet Portrait Studio that I also run called Max & Molly. It sits alongside my other portrait studios in Ringwood called StudioDiva & DivaDance.

YES, MY LIFE IS ALL ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY. I was always the kid at school with the camera, photographing everything I could. I just loved it. I got married to my beautiful wife Linda in the early nineties and I latched onto the photographer who we had booked for our wedding and I said to him “Hey, when we get back from our honeymoon I want to come out and assist you. I don’t want any money, I just want to assist and learn. Let me carry your bags and make life easier for you.” He was quite a reserved kinda guy and was a bit taken back by my forwardness. Nonetheless, after our honeymoon I rang him and said “Where do I meet you this weekend?” Pushy bugger hey!

So out I went every weekend, no pay, just learning and learning whilst building up my own clientele. After a while I became the first shooter for his double bookings and began to shoot actual weddings. HUGE weddings. BIG WEDDINGS!!! MASSIVE WEDDINGS!! Big European weddings with over 500 guests and more than a dozen in the bridal party being very common. WOW!!! What a way to cut my teeth hey. Well it taught me so much and I became pretty good, pretty fast. After 2 years I went out on my own and started shooting many weddings in the Eastern Suburbs. Nothing like the huge ones I was shooting before but more like today’s type of weddings in the Yarra Valley, through the Dandenongs and across the Mornington Peninsula.

I did all this while working full time as a Pharmaceutical Rep launching new drugs into the Australian market. Travelling interstate and overseas, managing and selling the biggest selling drugs in the world. Funny enough I culminated my career with the launch of Viagra here in Australia and that was something I won’t forget.

There’s the boy in me that loves his fast cars and motorbikes but there’s also the romantic side of me that loves photographing weddings and being a part of those incredible days. Maybe I’m bipolar? I just love what I love!

Anyway I digress…. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my website.

MY NUMBER ONE PRIORITY is that you feel amazing on the day and that when you look back at your photos you remember exactly how amazing you felt. IT’S YOUR WEDDING DAY, it’s not a photo shoot and I’ll be your most expensive guest and you’ll spend most of the day with me, so you gotta like me! Getting to know each other is essential! I want to get to know you and everything about your wedding. I’ve always said – “The most ironic thing about being a bride is that the person you spend more time with than anybody else on your wedding day is actually the person you know the least,… and that’s your photographer!” The three of us need to have the best day possible and enjoy every minute of it. That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with people you really want to have there. When someone’s running around taking your photo, you want to feel totally comfortable (well, as comfortable as you possibly can while having a camera pointed at you). Feeling confident that no matter what is happening on the day that you have got the best people around you and that we will make the most out of everything come rain hail or shine, group shots, difficult family and so on.

I’LL HELP YOU WITH EVERYTHING! You see, a good photographer is not just someone who is good with a camera, it’s someone who can help run the day, make it perfect and add to your day, look after you and give you confidence that no matter what happens on the day that we’ll smash it together.
Take a look at a few of my one minute videos under the ‘TIPS’ tab in the menu above for some answers to the many typical questions I get about photographing weddings.

I’m not the type that sits back like a fly on the wall. There is so much that happens naturally and organically throughout the day and it’s my experience and skill that ensures that I do my job and capture what’s there, anticipate what’s coming up and what’s going to happen next. I want your day and your photos to be perfect for you so we will work closely to ensure that happens. I’ll also help you if you ‘freeze up’ when there’s a camera around. Most people want candid shots and I love doing that but if you’re not being ‘candid’ then I’ll step in and help you along the way with some direction. We’re a team for the day and I’m dedicated to you! It’s an honour to be chosen to spend your day with you!

I’ll make sure that we get all the important shots captured, like you with your mum, you with your dad, walking down the aisle etc. We will do some beautiful portraits of you, you with your dress, you with the girls, you with your parents. As much as it’s your wedding it’s also your mother’s daughters wedding and it’s important that that is never forgotten. We will get some really cool and candid shots of the groom on his own and with the boys and his family. Then of course there’s the moment where you arrive to marry your best friend! You won’t even know we are around. You just focus on getting married and we will do the rest.
After your service it’s time to be congratulated and to get some candid shots of all that happening as we then move into a full group shot to capture everyone. That’s normally followed by the families so that they can then go off and spend most of the afternoon with their family and friends enjoying a drink or ten.

Then it’s us and it’s PLAYTIME!!!! This is a fantastic part of the day where we all have a blast and a laugh as we move around creating some magnificent images in your choice of locations.
There’s the important shots that need to be captured and then there’s the fun that we will have together creating the rest of the images in a FLOWING CANDID AND ORGANIC STYLE bringing out your personality and just quite simply, having a ball! And rest assured, that if you’re not sure what and how to be, I’m there to help.

Then the EPIC PARTY BEGINS. Your reception. I’ll capture all the special moments here, the grand entry, the toasts, the cake, the bridal dance, the special dances that you have together with your parents, the speeches, the laughter and yes if your crying I’m gonna capture the tears and emotion too! The party itself, your mates, your family and all the people that you love.. I’ll stay for a few hours (as long as you feed me, haha) and take off before the all the messy parts begin.

I began this business back in 1993 and now I have four photography studios in Ringwood and a satellite studio in Mornington. I’ve also had a few studios interstate set up for special promotions. My other studio businesses include StudioDiva which is a family portraits studio, Max & Molly, a pet photography studio and DivaDance which is a dance portfolio photography studio. And of course StudioMax which is my wedding business.

Over the years I mentored and trained many photographers around the country, some who even run their own businesses now after working at StudioMax for years. I’ve trained over 1000 photographers Australia wide and hosted workshops here in Melbourne and interstate with hundreds of photographers teaching them the art of photography and how to run their businesses. This exposure and contribution to the industry lead onto my appointment as the President of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers.

I was voted by the ABIA (Australian Bridal Industry Awards) as the WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2 YEARS IN A ROW. It’s like the Logies but for the wedding industry. Clients vote and rate your work and service. It was so awesome that I got the highest client ratings than anybody else. It was such a proud achievement.

For a few years I’ve had some of my staff look after the wedding business as I built my portrait studios and now that the studios are all up and running and kicking goals, I’m getting back to what I used to do and love and that’s shooting your wedding!

So I’m available for you and I’d love to hear from you.

I hope this has given you a bit of an insight as to who I am as a person as well as a photographer. Booking me is simple. You can either book online or come and see me at the studio. Either way we will catch up before the wedding and go through everything to make sure your day is photographed perfectly.

If you have gotten this far then I’m honoured that you’ve take the time to read about me – Thank You!!!

Cheers and thank you again xx


Bec Hughes – Head Photographer & Magazine Front Cover Expert.

Bec is AMAZING!!! That’s how we all refer to her in the industry. An absolute passion for photographing weddings. It’s all she ever wanted to do and now she heads up one of the most successful wedding studios in Australia. A brilliant photographer with over 12 years experience who has won many front covers in Australia’s best magazines with her incredible magazine couture shoots.

Here’s some of our fashion and editorial work.

It’s such an honour when our photos are chosen to be featured on the front cover on Wedding and Fashion Magazines. We have been fortunate enough to be invited to photograph regularly for many magazines, in particular The Melbourne Wedding & Bride where we photograph dozens of couture gowns across some of Melbourne’s most amazing locations.

Two Photographers

Two Photographers to capture your day

Yes! At each wedding we have two photographers to ensure everything is captured perfectly. Every detail, every moment, every kiss, and all the love that is the story of your wedding day.

Reception Coverage

Photographing your reception

Your reception is where the party begins, so capturing those epic moments of fun and laughter are vital to a complete coverage of your day. The speeches, the reactions, the first dance and of course the special moment where you dance with your dad.

All Files Included

Your Photos, Your Files, Your Memories

Every image that is taken on the day is yours to keep! They will be prepared in high resolution ready for you to print or share on social media as much as you like. No restrictions, no watermarks, just your images and your memories all for you.

We dont just do weddings, take a look at our other specialist Portrait Studios.