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A minute with Jules – Vital tips for your day

After 26 years in the game I reckon I know a bit about weddings. Especially how to make them run smooth and how to make the most out of the day. You see, a wedding photographer’s role is not just to take photos, it’s to help co-ordinate the day and make sure everything runs perfectly. Kinda like an MC but for the day. This allows you to just simply be the ‘BRIDE’ on the day and enjoy being exactly that whilst having the confidence that you are totally taken care of by many years of experience. Below I’ve prepared some videos on the most often asked and most often unknown areas of planning and constructing the perfect wedding day.

I hope you find this information useful and that it really helps make your day run smoother.

Clicking Together

A Photographer job is…

Should I be late?

What if it rains?

First or last with Make Up?

Limos vs Cars.

Black or White Wedding Cars?

Friend or Pro?

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